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Who We Are

Every sport has a champion, every champion has a story.

Tijuana Fight Nights began with a simple yet overlooked fact in mind: Every sport has a champion, every champion has a story. The names of boxing superstars have become common knowledge, but, there was a time when the greats were still on the rise. The road to becoming a legend is about more than being a champion, it’s about being the best. Tijuana Fight Nights brings the opportunity to watch professional boxers on their path to becoming legendary.

We bring together the best professional boxers from Mexico and The US to follow their footsteps on the path to greatness. Each fighter has a story to tell with nothing to lose- and everything to prove. Follow their stories with every swing and witness passion of Tijuana Fight Night with every punch. Join our community to learn more about the fighters and tijuana Fight Nights


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The Tale of TJFN

Tijuana Fight Nights was founded from one fateful meeting, a napkin, and a plan. Our CEO Roberto Prado, an award-winning producer, and a gentleman named Repo Ric- whose lifelong career in boxing and ties to the Mayweather family has created countless ties in the community- met to discuss what is now known as the magic question: “I have a guy who wants to stream professional boxing, can you help?”

Following that fateful meeting, Roberto immediately started to assemble his team and seek investors while Repo began to round up the boxers and a venue. A short three weeks later they met with the Mexico Chamber of Commerce who are just as excited about this project as we are! So excited, in fact, that they decided to help us by offering use of their old headquarters in the heart of downtown TJ – a beautiful venue in a prime location that has now become La Calavera Club.

An impromptu fight was set up to view the fighters. After two fights it was clear that this was some of the best boxing nobody would ever see. The excitement in the air was intoxicating as every fighter gave 110% and when the matches ended we had a chance to talk to them and learn why – they’re all fighting for something. From growing up dreaming of the day they become World Champion to fighting for their families back home, each of the boxers is on a mission. Tijuana Fight Nights is a chance to make the mission a reality and create a spotlight for these fighters and more. Tomorrow’s champions are fighting today and it is time for their stories to be heard.